In a period of variable weather, when in the cap to go even earlier, mostly and starting to get sick of the ENT organs. If you feel even on the street that the wind is blowing strongly into the ears, then coming home, heat them dry and warm. Use an electric heating pad or a hot salt wrapped in a thick cloth. Warming up spend about 40 minutes. When the ear is already sore, you do the procedure 3-4 times a day. Sold and devices that influence not only heat, but also a special light. If you have one, the process of warming the ear won't cause any trouble.

Buy ear drops that contain antibiotics. Bury them in your ears as it is written in the annotation. Is suitable drops of camphor oil. If the ear canal produces a large amount of sulfur, first wash it with hydrogen peroxide. Well, blot the excess moisture and then use drops or oil.

Vitovec great help in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the cavity of the ear. Insert the funnel into the ear canal, do not forget to burn from the opposite side. Fear not, a special sensation you feel is that will appear so nice and warm.

When the ears are very very sore and cervical lymph nodes increase, it is necessary to take antibiotics. But since they are not sold without a doctor's prescription, you will have to pay a therapist or Laura. Usually after taking antibacterial drugs relief comes the next day.

In some cases, prescribe inpatient treatment, this usually occurs when the inflamed inner ear. So watch out for your health, but if you have a high fever and there was unbearable pain after ear blew, then go to the hospital without hesitation. Time has not rendered the help of a specialist can lead to deafness.