To solve the problem, you must correctly establish the cause of the falling water. For example, the most common reasonsand the beginning of the inflammatory process from the ingress of water are frequent colds, individual features of the structure of the ear, a strong blowing your nose, or frequent crying.If water gets into the outer ear, effectively jumping head tilt to the side, which stuck liquid. Also in this case can be applied to the affected ear with the palm, creating a vacuum space, and then abruptly removed, which leads to release of excess water. Way divers is set in a deep breath, pinching the nose and breathing out through the ears. If the ingress of water is accompanied by painful sensations can be applied on the ear sack of heated salt.If water gets into the middle ear, it is fraught with development of various infectious diseases, as CLearWai tube connects to the nasal passage and throat. Experts call this disease "the earm of the swimmer, because the water entering causes congestion and crosses into the region of the ear.For getting rid of water , you can use any of these methods. In addition to all it is advisable to insert in the ear thin flagellum of wool or bandage, so that the liquid is easily absorbed into the material. But in any case should not use cotton swabs, which can exacerbate the situation. In severe pain it is recommended to take painkillers (analgin, aspirin), and at night effectively apply the compress.Of course, in any case, you must seek the assistance of the audiologist, to rule out the possibility of infection and developing serious complications. Launched the inflammatory process often leads to a decrease or complete loss of hearing. This is especially important for those swimming in the clear waters is not enough.