Advice 1: How to get rid of water in ear

Probably each of us at least once in life ear fell into the water, which was learned from him is not so easy. That passed the sufferer to go a couple of days until the water completely evaporate. Meanwhile, trapped ear water – a direct path to otitis media and other ENT diseases.
How to get rid of water in ear
Most often this problem affects children, as their ear canal is short and broad, which allows for easy pouring of water. However, adults are confronted with such an unpleasant situation, especially in the summer when you enjoy swimming in open water.
If the ear is exposed to water, Pat ear dry with a towel and then take a deep breath and then pinch the nostrils. Then try without opening the mouth, take a deep breath. The air in this case will be partially out through the ears, and push the water got there.
Another way to create pressure in the ear. For this you need to smack your palm on the ear, slightly inclining his head in the direction of the affected ear, and then, with the power to tear. This creates a pump effect, which pushes the water out of the ear canal.
You can just hop on one foot - the right, if water gets in right ear and Vice versa. Also try to lay on my side and a little lie down, maybe the water itself will flow out of the ear.
If these measures don't help, tilt the head below the ear, where the water was at the top and drip a few drops of slightly warmed boric alcohol. If he was not at hand, it is quite suitable vodka or any alcohol-based lotion. In this position you need to hold your head 30-40 seconds. Water together with the alcohol evaporates much faster, so this method is quite effective. If the first time doesn't help, you can repeat the procedure.
If you did not have alcohol, try to fill in the ear even of water, for example, using pipette, syringe or just her hands. Tilt your head to the ear was at the top and sit there for 1-2 minutes. Water will push the air tube, where most often this problem occurs, and will easily emerge.
If the water doesn't come out for a long time, and you feel an unpleasant sensation in the ear, try to lie on a warm heating pad or a sack of heated salt. Perhaps the water is simply mixed with the sulfur, which increased in volume. Using the heat of the water to evaporate faster, and the problem will be solved. If in an ear there is pain, consult a doctor to avoid future negative consequences.
What to do if ears are exposed to water: if water in a healthy ear you should try to gently remove the water with a cotton swab. If water in the affected ear can begin dizziness, severe pain occurs. In the water a lot of bacteria, so water from entering the ear may cause exacerbation of primary disease of the ear: itching of the ear start to stand out a sticky discharge.
Useful advice
Sometimes water can be trapped in the ear for a sufficiently long time. That is why the answer to the question, if the ear is exposed to water, what to do in this case - everyone should know. Here is another very effective method: if the ear is exposed to water, take a deep breath, then a hand clamped over his nose, mouth closed and trying to breathe out. As a result of the internal pressure the water will gradually emerge.

Advice 2: How to get rid of ear pain

The pain in my ears painfully tolerated and can be a symptom of a serious disease. Sharp shooting and aching pain equally unpleasant and bring a lot of discomfort, so the need for emergency diagnosis and timely treatment.
How to get rid of ear pain
You will need
  • - mineral oil;
  • - olive oil;
  • - painkillers.
Until that moment how sore ears will be examined by a specialist, can alleviate the condition and to try to get rid of pain. The ear pain subsides when sitting – blood pours from the upper torso and the pressure on the ears is reduced. Cleaning of the auditory tube helps to drink plenty of liquids, so drink often and a lot. The movement of the jaws improves the patency of the auditory tube and, therefore, when pain in the ears often recommended to chew – eat little and often and chew gum or candy.
Ear pain is often caused by the common cold, so take a vasoconstrictor. Removal of edema in the nasal cavity restores patency of the auditory tube and temporarily relieves.
The measures of the first necessity when pain in the ears can be attributed to warming. Pour in a bottle of warm water and apply to the sore ear, then drip a few drops of warm sterile paraffin oil (you can use a calcined olive oil) – the main goal of backfilling is to mitigate the tissue of the eardrum. Make a hot compress, close the ear a piece of cotton wool and wrap a warm cloth. To warm up the ears only in the absence of purulent process and the better the doctor.
If the cause of pain in the ears is wet, you can take the following measures:- shake head, jump up on the side of the patient ear. The opposite ear, close the hand;
- drip a few drops of camphor or isopropyl alcohol in the ears – so the water will start to evaporate.
Severe pain is very difficult to stand in need of relief. Take one tablet a monkeypainlinking means to alleviate their condition. Do not drink the pills before your appointment, so as not to "smear" the picture of the disease. Before you start taking you a bit to ease the pain, laying in my bad ear a piece of cotton dipped in warm boric acid solution or heated vegetable oil.
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