You will need
  • data about extra-curricular work with students;
  • - data on work with parents;
  • - data on education and work experience;
  • - information about participation in the methodical Association, creative groups, etc.
  • - a computer with a text editor.
Gather information about the work of the teacher with children. Each class participates in the festive events, contests, competitions and exhibitions. Data on this is like the coolest leader, and the Deputy Director on extracurricular work. Some of the information can be obtained at the Department of education, the Director of the school, to ask the parents and children.
All the features are the same. Write the word "Feature" and the surname, name, patronymic, position and place of work of whom it is written. At the beginning of the main part of the email how many years of experience of this teacher in your school and how many releases during this time he had. Write what class he has now and how many years the class teacher leads it.
Tell us about the main directions of work with the class. It can be not only a cool watch, and excursions, but also theatrical or literary Studio, music lovers club, the club connoisseurs of fairy tales, travel club, etc For the head of one of the senior classes pay special attention to how the teacher solves the issues of career guidance and what organizations in this area cooperates.
Note how the class teacher informed of their wards. Whether it supports connections with music, sports or art schools, House of children's creativity, in other establishments of further education? Do pupils of this class the opportunity to realize their potential at school events?
Tell us about the work of the class leader with parents. Is this cooperation only traditional to any school the parent meetings and individual conversations, or the teacher uses other forms? They can be very different from a joint tourism campaign for the leadership of any of the parents, trips and excursions, mother and father's clubs.
Find out communicates whether the class teacher with children and parents outside of school. It may well be that the class has its own group on social networking or even your website with a forum where children, teachers and parents discuss their questions. Don't forget to mention it.
Write does the class teacher the qualification and where. These can be courses at the education Committee, arts groups and methodical Association of class teachers. Recently appeared a new form of training — webinar. Association of teachers of different specialties, there are forums and social networks, and this too is a form of professional competence.
Format the text so that it is well read. It's best to do a size 14 in one or one and a half interval. Align both sides and arrange the paragraphs. Write the date, position and signature. Print the document, sign it, and seal it with the seal. If schools have a logo, it can stand on such documents.