Learn the rules of the design of all types of characteristics and select one that will fit for a coach. To do this, visit the following resource: It is important to know the rules of designation addresses, affixing dates, lists and names. Write in the characteristic of only 2-3 sentences for each of the following points.
Tell us briefly about the made coach volumes. He should be awarded a positive rating for this criterion, if the coach attends all practices actively involved in the life of sport organizations, comes to all meetings with your leadership team, etc. If he misses classes, trainings, sports events, in this case do not put the highest mark.
Write about how he can analyze events and make decisions. If the coach is always guided by logic, seriously weighing all the facts "for" and "against" and takes on the basis of this decision, it is worthy of praise. It is also worth to evaluate it positively, if he wants to solve the problem, not its consequences. If the coach's decision not always backed by actual facts, it is not necessary to evaluate it too high.
Also mention about how the coach is able to plan and organize events. The specificity of sports work always involves a large number of events, fees, open trainings and other important events. Give him a good rating if he is able to calculate the time performance of the team stick to the schedule and be a good organizer of the above activities. If this aspect of the coach is poor, it is unlikely it needs to be worthy of rave reviews. Point to something he needs to work more.
Tell us about the ability of coaches to interact with athletes and colleagues. This is another important personal aspect worth mentioning in the feature. It is the ability to control themselves, their actions and emotions. Leave positive feedback, if the coach can positively respond to difficult stressful situations. If he creates a tense atmosphere inside a sports team, then he deserves a negative assessment.