You will need
  • - settlement statements;
  • - the sheet of accounting of working time.
Determine the period for which the employee is entitled to the payment of compensation. Turn back the time when he was actually in the workplace, the days of forced truancy, for example, in the case of late payment of wages. Also, consider the absence from work for valid reasons, but only if this period does not exceed 14 days. Add weekends and public holidays.
If the month is not fully worked out, add up the number of days taken into account in calculating seniority. If the number is 15 or more, the month is full, if less, the month is excluded from the calculation.
According to the Labor code, for each completed year (12 months) employee on leave of 28 days. The amount may be increased in situations stipulated by Russian legislation. Thus, to calculate the appropriate number of vacation days needed 28 days divided by 12. It turns out that for each month worked the employee relies 2.33 day holiday.
Then, multiply of 2.33 on the number of months worked in the billing period. For example, an engineer Ivanov worked for 7 months. Thus, it is necessary to 2.33 days * 7 months = 17 days (rounding is only possible in a big way).
Now calculate the average wage. You should put all payments in the billing period, including remuneration, bonuses, allowances. Note that this amount does not have to log on financial aid and the amounts paid in the form of gifts.
According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation, the average number of days per month when calculating holiday pay and compensation for unused leave equal to the number of 29.4. Thus, the resulting payout amount, divide by the number of months in the billing period, and then by 29.4. For example, the engineer Ivanov for 7 months was paid 70,000 rubles. Thus, the average wage per day is calculated as follows: 70,000 rubles / 7 months / 29.4 days = 340,14 rubles.
To determine the amount of compensation, multiply the number of days unused leave to the average daily wage. For example, the engineer Ivanov reimbursed in the amount of 17 days * 340,14 rubles = 5782,38 rubles.
In order to document the payment of compensation for unused vacation at dismissal, first make the order of termination of the agreement Rudow (form T-3). Next, make a statement calculation (form t-61). Then make a note in the employee's personal card (form T-2).
If you make the vacation compensation at the request of the employee, not in connection with dismissal, first get a statement from the employee where it should ask to replace the main leave to monetary compensation. Then make an order. Based on his settle.