The basis for calculating holidaysand is not a calendar year, and a year from the date of employment. Therefore, to calculate the period for which supposed vacation, you need to the date a job add. For example, the date-of-employment – 18.04.2010 Calculation period for leaveand will be with 18.04.2010 on 17.04.2011 g For each complete month counting period is supposed 2.33 day vacation.
If fully worked out, but the vacation was not taken, the worker is entitled to compensation for unused vacation in the amount of 28 calendar days.
If the employee quits, having not completed a full year, for one month, he put the same 2.33 day. For example, the termination date 15.02.2011 For the period from 18.04.2010 on 15.02.2011 g. it took 9 full months and 28 days. 2,33х10=23.3 day. If partial month worked less than 15 days, then it is to be disregarded.
The number of days owed vacationand is multiplied by the average wage. So it turns out the amount of compensation for unused vacation.