The standard option of calculating the number of vacation days to help eliminate any deviation. One example of such deviation, when the employee writes the application in connection with personal circumstances and takes it without pay. Such unearned days in the calculation are not taken.

The employee worked for less than 11 months

28 days holiday is the minimum period, which shall annually be provided to the employee. To use it, the employee must work in the organization for at least 6 months. There are exceptional cases where leave is granted in advance by agreement with the management of the enterprise employing the worker.

The classic version of leave shall be granted for the actual time worked. For example, you worked exactly 8 months. For each month of work expected of 2.33 days. This figure is obtained by dividing the total number of vacation days (28) for twelve months. Accordingly, it appears that for the period worked can be celebrated 19 days. Here, the number of days is rounded up.

Another example, when the company the employee did not work exactly 8 months and 7 months, 13 days, or 9 months 21 days. The calculation in this case provides for the rounding up or down. If the period is less than fifteen days, the amount of leave is rounded down. After the fifteenth of the number of days increases. It turns out:

• 7 months. 13 days. pay for 7 months. Then relies 17 paid vacation days
• 9 months. 21 days is calculated already for 10 months. In this case, you can take a vacation for 23 days

An employee works in 11 months and more

Work year starts with the day when the employee was hired and received an employment contract. Is taken into account actual hours worked.

For example, if a person is employed on 14 October 2013, its year ends on 13 October 2014. Therefore, from 13 September 2014 to 6 October 2014, it can go on paid leave. It is the estimated period that would otherwise leave.

If public holidays fall on a holiday period, when calculating such days are not taken into account, and vacation shall be extended.

Is there a special category of workers entitled to additional paid leave. These include workers in a dangerous occupation, working in the heavy manufacturing, teachers, civil servants, minors and other categories of citizens.