You will need
  • -calculate the length of service in the enterprise
  • -calculate the average daily earnings
To calculate compensation for the unused days of vacation you need to determine the length of service in the enterprise. The experience did not count the days, wiping outdaysto take for its own account, maternity leave and child care up to three years, no work without further documentary evidence, dismissal from employment for good reason.
The rest of the time should be made in the seniority. If you erasethe daysit worked for 11 months, he is reimbursed for the entire vacation, which is provided annually.
Erasethe days ofku, spent less than one month, compensation for vacation not allowed. Also no compensation is paid erasethe daysKam, who worked on fixed-term contract not exceeding two months.
To calculate the experience you need to lay down all the time. If the month worked less than 15 days, no refund will be paid if more than 15 days, compensation shall be paid for the entire month in full, that is, the rounding must be in favor of the worker.
Paid annual leave may not be less than 28 calendar days, so the calculation is made by dividing 28 12. The resulting number will be the payment for one month of work. This figure should be multiplied by the number of full working months.
Each due date and the compensation shall be paid based on average daily earnings in accordance with article 139 of the labour code. For all of this earned amount, which was withheld income tax, to fold and divide by the number of working days based on six days a week, regardless if the work occurred on five days. The resulting figure must be multiplied by the appropriate number of days of unused vacation.
If the dismissal occurred because of enterprise liquidation, the benefit is paid for two months in the amount of average earnings for one year.