Development of the name is called naming. First you need to analyze the target audience, which will vary depending on the specialization of your real estate Agency. You rent housing to rent, or even sell them? Do both? Do you sign the transaction for the rental of non-residential premises for offices? It is also important to consider the price the value of real estate with which you are working.
In the name of your Agency should reflect the specificity of the direction of your business. It is not necessary to call it "Sell the house!" if you engage in transactions only in rent of uninhabited premises. No need to call the Agency boring, faceless name, which are already a dime a dozen. Moreover, they are easy to forget. People can pass by your Agency, read the sign and not remember it. And you will lose a potential customer.
Note on the target audience. If you sell cheap houses on the outskirts of a city or village, you should not call the Agency "Elite real estate". Also the rich man will not go to the office called "Affordable housing at affordable prices".
Check on the Internet, what agencies already exist near you, what they are named. After all, you have to stand out, be better than them. Make a list of these agencies and show to several friends, let them answer how the Agencym they had to work? Which ones are the best titles? Some of them completely unknown? Consider their opinions when choosing the name.
After compliance with the preceding paragraphs, you can begin to think of their names. Write them at least ten, and then start zeroing. Leave the most suitable. And then check if there is already registered with this name agencies on the Internet. If not - register the name of the Agency and begin an advertising campaign.