Think about the function of doors to Express in the title. Doors are used for protection, decoration, emphasize the status, etc.
Find the appropriate images. If the basis is the protective function, the images can be found in historical events, legends, world. Make possible a longer list: the hero, the watchman, guard, dog, steel, armor, etc. Some images may seem ridiculous, but not delete it, because you can build a mental bridge to something more suitable. From this step depends on how successful the title will turn out in the end. Make a real big list, how much is enough diligence.
Connect found images with the word "door": door-athlete, guard-door, etc. Some combinations are funny or ridiculous, but come across thoughts on other options. All record.
Make each image and link the adjective with the word "door": the giant door, guard door etc.
Use the word "door". Will the new options: door hero, door guard, etc.
Browse the entire list, but do it in several attempts to read with a clear head. Think of the phrase not as an end, and as presets. The selected candidates names will not cause any emotion, while others make you smile come across thoughts about the possible design of the store, corresponding to the name. Here at such moments, pay attention and take notes in front of the phrases.
Make a separate list, which enable only selected at the sixth step names. Decode more of the thoughts that were advanced.
Brainstorm. Gather colleagues or relatives who are sincerely worried for your initiative. Work together each idea and make a final choice.