Decide once and for all with the focus of your Agency. Try to focus only on the lease or just buying and selling homes or choose to work with nonresidential. Each discipline has its own specifics and methods of "promotion".
Conduct research aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This can be done, for example, by surveying the population. If time and money will play the role of clients most successful, from your point of view, firms. Independent make the TOP 10 for internal use, to as little as possible to interfere with competing agencies, but accept adopted their methods. Form your database with all the nuances of real estate in your area.
If you do rent, keep in mind that this area is largely seasonal in nature and is associated with the specifics of your region (students, salaried workers, business travelers, vacationers). So, for example, for students it is possible to produce leaflets with the most common physical and mathematical formulas, or to negotiate with the pizza delivery service and the administration of the trendy clubs on the placement of the order forms, and news on your flyers. For workers who came to work for hire, put together with information about their services, information on recruitment agencies, etc. to Distribute leaflets better railway stations and bus stations, as well as in a taxi, signed a contract with the dispatching services.
If you are engaged in buying and selling property, advertise in Newspapers, in elevators, on Bulletin boards in residential areas, at bus stops. In addition, if funds allow, order advertising Agency advertising on the Central city streets (banners, streamers, etc.).
Develop corporate style for its employees (including clothing). Order in the advertising Agency business cards and brochures to employees, going to a meeting with one client was able to prepare base for the following transactions (the"method "word of mouth" has not been canceled").
Suggest to all owners and customers the most favorable terms (e.g. lower interest rates for services). Organize additional activities: cleaning of premises after previous tenants, maintenance and delivery of furniture from apartment to apartment. In other words, all the things that can sometimes confuse your potential customer and often is the main obstacle to a final decision about sale or lease.
If you are going to work with nonresidential, enlist support from local authorities and conclude contracts with leading office centers. Of course, working with such objects on the shoulder only experienced realtors, but if you reckon yourself to those, perhaps, you at first will have to cooperate with competitors, to perform for them small orders, not yet formed a database, and not be recognized on the market. This way the most difficult but also the most profitable.
Be sure to create your Internet site. Pay special attention to the section of news and a daily update feed. Show all the necessary information about yourself, photo catalog available for sale (or seeking tenant) objects and satisfied customers.