Do not underestimate the value of the name for business: if your sellers are selling goods or services from 9 to 21, the name sells them all day and night, attracting customers. So catchy and easy to grasp the name is important for any business, especially for highly competitive, which is advertising. Thus, first of all think about their associations with the advertising Agencym and select the most catchy words. The more, the better.
One of the most important rules of the naming - analysis of the names of the competitors. It does not need to consider the names of all of the advertising agencies select only the most successful of those that are in your city. They should not almost copy, but they can take a cue, to come up with a similar idea. Variations of others good names you can use in addition to associations.
If your target audience (potential customers), small and medium businesses, start-UPS, you can experiment more with the witty and the provocative names, rather than the advertising agencies, who are accustomed to working with large business and provide exclusive services. A reputable Agency need a more solid title. Depending on what your Agency, immediately deselect those titles that don't exactly fit (i.e., for example, too slutty or too elite-sounding).
The title should be not only creative and memorable, it should reflect the specifics of your business. Passing by your signage, a potential customer should immediately understand what you do, so names like "Tomato", no matter how catchy and playful they may seem, fit is unlikely. If you decided to choose the name, not too close to your business, think about how you can artificially bring it up to her. The same "Tomato" will look differently, if you beat it as PomidoR. PRAgency PomidoR (with an emphasis on the letters P and R is different. Work thus with the remaining names and remove those that cannot be recycled in this way.
After dropping out unsuitable for the above reasons, the names start to work with the rest. Well, if there are at least a dozen. Enter them online and see if there's any businesses with a similar name in your city, whether there already exactly the same advertising agencies. So you definitely will remove a few inappropriate names. Other titles discuss whenever possible with your potential customers (perhaps you have friends who are willing to become them), or at least with other employees of the advertising Agency. Name better create collectively, as the cons, which sees not one person sees another.