Advice 1: How to call the photo Studio

The name of the Studio is one of the key elements of its future success. To select the best option, it is enough to know a few rules and intricacies of naming. Search for new, bright, expressive and yet simple name.
How to call the photo Studio
You will need
  • Dictionaries (explanatory, phraseological synonyms, foreign languages).
To correctly call the Studio, learn the basics of naming and have a vivid imagination.
Study competitors and make a list of already used names. Try to avoid these words in the development of its own brand, so as not to mislead future customers. Decide for yourself whether you want to use already existing words or invent something new (like Pentium). The name of the Studio must be both new on the market, and at the same time, exactly match the services provided.
Analyze your target audience and make the General portrait of client. For example: male/female, 22-35 years old, with higher education and middle income. Depending on the age and social status you will need to select type the name of the Studio is more conservative or, on the contrary, provocative. Think about whether it was appropriate use of foreign words, whether the title is clear to the potential client.
To determine the type name, you can proceed to the most crucial part is the selection/the search for the right words. Here, in addition to their own vocabulary, is to resort to different dictionaries, ranging from explanatory, phraseological, dictionaries of synonyms, and ending foreign. Watch how the name will sound in various declinations (to get to "Fotomir" order "Fotomir" can do, "Fotomir" no competition, etc.) Pay attention to phonosemantic names (his "sound") - it should not be repulsive, irritating the ear. Remember that the name of the Studio - it is a "calling card" of the company, which starts its way in the market.
Try not to use numbers in the title, avoid too long and unpronounceable words.
Useful advice
Looking for a short, sonorous words that reflect the essence of the service. Simultaneously, strive to avoid the most obvious associations.

Advice 2: How to make photo Studio

The constant growth of the market of services in the field of advertising stimulates the development of industry, without which designers, advertisers would feel all the same that without a right hand. This situation opens up a niche for those who want to organize a professional photo Studio – the set of its services by advertisers will always be in demand.
The conditions for the work of the photographer-artist must be created perfect
You will need
  • 1. Premises with an area of 50 square meters
  • 2. Professional camera
  • 3. Equipment and accessories for photography
  • 4. Furniture and equipment for the workplace administrator
  • 5. Staff photographer
  • 6. Business relationships with advertising agencies
Consult photographerwith extensive experience of Studio photography to find out what are the parameters of the room in which the Studio will be located. If you are going to not open "the photo on documents" and prepare the working area for the professional, the outcome of the minimum area of 40-50 square meters. And spacious rental unit must not only be wide, the maximum ceiling height it is at least three meters.
Purchase equipment necessary for the operation of a professional Studio. First and foremost is the camera, which will be the working tool for your employee, and the choice of which must be approached with the utmost seriousness. To save, making this an important step, cannot be, the right decision will be the choice of one of the latest models by Canon. In addition to the camera need lighting equipment, backgrounds, softboxes, set of spare accessories for the camera, furniture for dressing rooms and set of office equipment for the workplace administrator.
Look for continued cooperation in the Studio, without whom do not succeed in any way, but who and one, in itself, will be able to do all the work, except organizational – photographer. These people form a distinct caste, and tend to gather at various "get-togethers", as in alive, and the world wide web. It should take in order to find a good specialist, but if you offer him decent working conditions, he will agree to work with you. Photography, if he is a professional, will cost not cheap, but it will depend on the class your Studio.
Start now, having equipped Studio and ready to work to find clients. You can offer them Studio photography, reportage photography, finally, offer to use your site and photography equipment those who do not have their own. Channels to promote, which is to let the information must be relevant – let me know about yourself primarily to advertising agencies, although it is useful and distribute advertising leaflets in the broad masses of the people.
Useful advice
When you equip the room for the photo Studio, keep in mind that considerable importance when shooting is the color of the walls, floor and ceiling – it should be uniformly white or black.

If Studio photography is your only "child", to be engaged in organizational work can you do, if not, it is advisable to hire an administrator who will take over their responsibilities.
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