Technology development names (naming) is pretty simple. To start with the analysis of the target audience, which in the case of Agency of real estate will depend on your specialization. You only sell the apartment, or just rent them? Or both? Whether you are engaged in transactions with residential buildings, offices, etc.? In addition, an important price category of propertyyou sell or rent it.
In a good title should reflect the specifics of your business. If you are doing transactions with residential and non-residential premises (buildings), it is hardly justified to call your Agency, for example, "Buy a house!". It is not necessary to pick up and too abstract or faceless name, the more that such names very much. In addition, they are quickly forgotten. Someone can pass by your Agency, see the sign and then forget what was written on it. And he will not become your client, but I could.
It is important to take into account the target audience. If your Agency real estate sells mainly low-cost apartments on the outskirts, there is no point in titles like "Elite Estate". Conversely, a wealthy client does not enter the "affordable housing Agency "Your house".
Always worth checking out on the Internet, some agencies of real estate , there are near to your as they are called. You should differ from them - in the best, of course. You can also make a list of the names of these agencies and show it to your friends who have used the services of agencies of real estate. Which of these agencies they know? What titles they consider themselves successful? Their views should be taken into account.
As a rule, after the previous stages, you can begin to think of their names. Think of about ten, no less, and then by process of elimination (again, you can consider the opinions of your friends) leave the best. Also worth checking each name on the search engines all of a sudden the Agency of the real estate under the same name already exists?