First of all, decide what price range you expect to work. This will narrow the range of suitable names. For example, words with diminutive suffixes hint at the economy format, and sonorous foreign names to say that the product is most likely expensive.
Determine the future range of your bakery would be it wide or narrow, is there a bread with the "national" bias, for example, French pastries, Italian bread or Uzbek flatbread. The name may well emphasize regional flavor – we all understand what the bread should look at the bakery with titles like "Madam Elijah", "Mama Roma" or "Monsieur Croissant".
However, clear geographical reference of the name may prevent future expansion of the range to sell brioche and pizza at the restaurant called "Tandoor" will be problematic.
Decide what format you choose to go your trade. For example, a name like "Bread&Coffee" alludes to the fact that your the bakery you can buy bread away and eat a couple of rolls right there behind the counter or at the table. Naturally, you will need and assortment of drinks. If room size allows, this option can be very beneficial, especially if there's no food service establishments.
Keep in mind that food is one of the few areas where conservatism is appreciated. So a simple name like "Bakery number 1" is perceived positively by buyers. One of Moscow's bakeries is called even more original – "Buloshnaya". Ironically underlined "Moscow accent" immediately sets this bakery in a series of competitors.
If the house, where your bakery, previously housed the famous shop, located near the monument or the Park, feel free to write memorable local residents names to our own brand. The bakery "Pushkin" or "Karavaevskaya the attention of potential buyers will be provided.
You carry a sonorous name and want to call the bakery its name? It is quite possible - in the field of product naming, this technique is used, although not too often. Note, however, that the brands "Volkonsky" and "eliseevskiy" is already taken.
Perhaps you are planning to open exclusive single institution, and want to develop a network of bakeries. Then the main – short, succinct and memorable name. Will have to go without geographical references and names. The simpler the better - that's your motto. For example, in one of the regions there is a network of small bakeries under the unassuming name of "Superbulky". It may not Shine with originality, but perfectly memorable. And for the network operator is particularly important.