Advice 1: How to name a design Studio

Naming it for the company, brand, trademark, including Studio design, called the naming. This service is offered by special agencies, but if you connect at least a little bit of imagination, and a good sonorous name for your business can come up with on their own.
How to name a design Studio
Define the difference your design Studio from competitors, why your offer on the market is exclusive. Try to Express this difference in the title.
Focus on the kind of designwhere specializiruetsya your Studio. Associate the name with the activity in the mind of your potential customer it is associated with specific design. The title must display a link with the activities of the company, to be its verbal symbol. Studio webdesign Studio offering design chairs, all different, and their names, respectively, should differ significantly.
Make the title sweet and short, so it's easy to remember and easy to pronounce without getting lost in the letters.
If your design Studio is focused on cooperation with foreign partners and search clients abroad, use the name of the international words.
If you are going to present their designStudio on the Internet and buy her a domain name, keep this in mind when developing names and every idea to check for the correct free domain.
Make the title such that it does not cause rejection and negative reactions from your target audience. Determine the range of their potential clients and customers. Think about their life values and priorities, the expectations from design in General and your Studio in particular. Justify their expectation of a short catchy word and include it in the name of the Studio.
If out of ideas, any option is still not found, go the easy way and use the title in your name. Will modify it or write a derivative. Alternatively, use in the title of many and a global word such as "perspective". It is relevant to all types of activities, optimistic sounds and promises to meet the expectations of the client.
Useful advice
In the name of a design Studio, you cannot use the words "Russia" and "Moscow". In order to do this, you must obtain the Express consent of the Government of Russia according to the established by law procedure.

Advice 2 : How to call the photo Studio

The name of the Studio is one of the key elements of its future success. To select the best option, it is enough to know a few rules and intricacies of naming. Search for new, bright, expressive and yet simple name.
How to call the photo Studio
You will need
  • Dictionaries (explanatory, phraseological synonyms, foreign languages).
To correctly call the Studio, learn the basics of naming and have a vivid imagination.
Study competitors and make a list of already used names. Try to avoid these words in the development of its own brand, so as not to mislead future customers. Decide for yourself whether you want to use already existing words or invent something new (like Pentium). The name of the Studio must be both new on the market, and at the same time, exactly match the services provided.
Analyze your target audience and make the General portrait of client. For example: male/female, 22-35 years old, with higher education and middle income. Depending on the age and social status you will need to select type the name of the Studio is more conservative or, on the contrary, provocative. Think about whether it was appropriate use of foreign words, whether the title is clear to the potential client.
To determine the type name, you can proceed to the most crucial part is the selection/the search for the right words. Here, in addition to their own vocabulary, is to resort to different dictionaries, ranging from explanatory, phraseological, dictionaries of synonyms, and ending foreign. Watch how the name will sound in various declinations (to get to "Fotomir" order "Fotomir" can do, "Fotomir" no competition, etc.) Pay attention to phonosemantic names (his "sound") - it should not be repulsive, irritating the ear. Remember that the name of the Studio - it is a "calling card" of the company, which starts its way in the market.
Try not to use numbers in the title, avoid too long and unpronounceable words.
Useful advice
Looking for a short, sonorous words that reflect the essence of the service. Simultaneously, strive to avoid the most obvious associations.
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