Transportation is a rather common kind of business, therefore competition in this segment of the market may be quite high. So better to start with a detailed analysis of firms that provide similar services. Make a document that will contain information about the services, cost, peculiarities of these companies. In a separate column take their titles. This will help to understand the main trends and avoid repetitions.
The name of the trucking company is better to choose a fairly short (preferably one word, consisting of 2-3 syllables), clearly spoken ("Mosparameters" or "Rosvneshtorg" customers will not be easy to remember and pronounce).
Analyze the names of the competitors. Mark ideas that you found most successful or interesting. Think about how you will be able to create something similar. Decide which algorithm you will choose the name for his company: to emphasize basic services (e.g. "Carrier", "Freighter", etc.) or to focus on the quality of the service (for example, "Reliable companion", "Best carrier" (etc.)
If you are planning to work not only on the territory of their country, but also abroad, make sure that the name is correctly perceived by our foreign partners. Use the anglicisms, borrowed words (e.g., "Truck", "Cargo", "Good Way", etc.)
Attract your partners or employees to develop a name for the company. Organize brainstorming, during which each must offer one, but preferably several options. During the second stage it is necessary to constructively discuss, checking for compliance activities of the company, euphony, ease of writing.

If you collect all at one time could not, give "homework" and choose from ready-made options for yourself.