If the travel Agency specializiruetsya on a beach holiday, its name must be associated with hot sun, warm sea and white sand. Jot down words that are related, in your opinion, with a beach holiday. Ask your friends to do the same. They may be able to offer you an interesting option. You can also cycle through the names of the beach resorts in the world and weed out the most resonant and memorable one. Given the fact that the most popular names already taken, the option chosen can vary with additional words. The selected options can be the words: paradise, sun, beach. Play with a sounding letter combinations and endings, which are popular in the tourism naming.
If most of your tours are guided nature, look for words associated with the geographical discoveries and peculiarities of different countries. Examples of such words and phrases: almanac, around the world, globe, bon voyage. Inspiration can be historical events, architectural terms, the names of ancient cities.
If you plan to open the Agency for religious tourism, you should pay attention to the words relating to the history of churches and monasteries, as well as to the biblical explanation. A good option may be the title which contains the words bells, Christmas, cover. The name of the tourist firms may be associated with healing springs and General bodily recovery. Given the fact that the pilgrimage was originally assumed for a long journey to the Holy place, as the name can choose words related to journeys and distant lands. For example, your firm may have the title "the Path of purification" or "Blessed land".
For the Agency, a device dedicated to wedding travel, it is necessary to give preference to words that are closely associated with happy moments of the newlyweds. Romantic and tender words can be a suitable option.