The name should be easy and memorable. For transport companies it can be "Hey, let's ride" or "We're going, going". The name must be different from existing brands. There are times when the firm called a name similar with the name of the competitor. For example, there is the company "EuroTrans", then you will in any case should not call their "Evrotransport". In this case, your company will certainly become confused and even plagiarism accuse. Be more original: "full steam ahead", "Back" or "Flight of the Bumblebee".
Can not be used in the company name such words distort real activities. Also prohibited obscene language or wording, meaning that the organization provides any obscene or scandalous services.
In the names of firms it is possible to use foreign words. But in this case, you must remember that different languages it may differ in translation and meaning. For example, if you have decided to call the transport company on the same car "Nova", you know – in Spanish, No-Va means "does not go". So, the name you just will not work.
If your region has a lot of competitors, you are welcome to your company name begins with the letter "A", "B" or "V", i.e. not beyond the first five letters of the alphabet. Why? It is noticed that often a person looking through a telephone directory in order to locate his firm, ringing in the first few rooms. And if your transport company is called "Bistrohodov", "Lucky" or "Lucky" there is a high probability that you will call.
Name – jokes are also acceptable. Name your company, say, "good riddance", "Ant", "Caravan" or "donkey" and giving customers not only the quality of their services, but in a good mood.