Coming up with the name of the public organization, follow a few simple rules. First, the title should not be too long and complicated to remember. Secondly, the name should clearly reflect the essence of the organization.
Reflect the name of the Association the direction of his work. For example, "help (someone)", "Foundation for the support of (someone)".
Creating a society in which log a particular social group, include it in the title (E.g. "Military children, Youth hometown", etc.).
If the creation of non-profit organizations you are inspired by some event, then reflect it in the title. For example, "Fond memory (of event)".
You can also choose another way. Refer to documentary sources. Look for people and organizations who were engaged in the same activities as you. Analyze the experience of your predecessors and act as followers of their business, reflect this in its name (for example "Facility (company) name (name and regalia of the famous person).
But before the execution of necessary documents , consult a lawyer. Find out whether your actions are a violation of copyright and related rights. You may need a long time to execute documents, go through many instances, but your organization is much quicker to acquire the fame and prestige thanks to such a weighty name (of course, provided productive work).
If you want to create a charitable organization, and are a believer, then, asking the blessing of the Church, you can name it after one of the saints, or in honor of significant religious events. Many have done so people say that the patron Saint of not just giving them spiritual support in difficult situations.