Pick a name that evokes neutral or positive emotions. It can be focused on a specific target audience that you want to work. For example, when you organize an Internet cafe or club, the name is quite unable to beat common networking terms and even well-known memes.
The simplest but not the best solution is to call the company your name or the name of the next of kin. It will be a serious obstacle, if someday you want to sell your business. In addition, some clients or customers may subconsciously deter a proper name in the title of your company, if it has a negative Association related to personal relationships. Try to beat the first syllables of name, multiple names. You can get the sound mix neutral to the outside of the ear, but dear and meaningful to you. But the company, specializing in the sale of goods for children, may use the title of diminutive nouns.
Good, and always positively perceived by buyers and consumers it is a name that reflects and is connected with the activity of your company. But it was brief and consisted of a maximum of two or three words. A company selling or producing sports equipment, medical companies and pharmacies is also better to call to by name, it was immediately clear that they are related to sports or health.
Analyze the names that are competing companies. Note that the name of the LLP must be original and it better be short and memorable. Verify the selected name to a perception, after interviewing several dozen people. Consider the wishes of potential customers. Dwell on the fact that like the greater number of respondents.