That's like so many good qualities, but men don't especially want to see next to a red-haired beauty. Give them blondes but brunettes. Why red remains in the "tail"?
Enough to dig deep into history and recall how at the time was pretending to be a witch and a sorceress? Yes, they were definitely with long red hair and bright green eyes.
Maybe from the time the men settled "fear gene" to red-haired women? It's hard to say. But in recent times redhaired girls want to paint given to them by the nature of the ancestral feature.
By the way, the reddish color of the hair may be not only natural, but acquired by way of a botched dye in a bright color hair. But how hard I try to get as straight, and no.
And the first mistake made all embarked on the path of getting rid of rejuvacote is dye your hair a dark color. It does not help. The color red will turn into darkred. Root "red" will still remain even if you try to become a blonde.
The red pigment to bring very, very difficult. At home, using ordinary paint, it is simply impossible. Little to improve the situation will help the professional remover in hairdressing. For this will have to be n amount of money, as a wash for the desired result it will be necessary to do more than once.
Great result getting rid of purchased how is a haircut. All other means will only change the shade. And red colorand a huge number of them.
So be careful if you intentionally decided to become a redhead. From red colorand the hair is very difficult to get rid of.
And if you are "straight", think before to get rid of their colorand hair. In 99% of 100 you will again want to become a redhead. And to be special it's great!