You will need
  • Hair dye (natural dyes — henna, onion skins; professional paint).
Choose a shade
Red color, the color of fire and passion, has a huge palette. A woman with any type of appearance in this variety you will find your unique shade. New color hair was perfect, it is better to consult with a stylist or try the virtual and real wigs in various shades of red.
Don't reject the henna
Henna is not just the most gentle hair dye. It also has useful properties. If you have dark hair, I examine the impact of henna on your own color of hair. Perhaps it is a natural dye will give you the desired shade, and to resort to chemical paints do not have.
Peel onions, as henna is an excellent natural dye. It will give your hair an orange-red hue. But this method is suitable only for owners of dark hair, as blond hair after the bow become lighter.
Reddish-brown shade can also be achieved by the leaves of ordinary black tea. They dyed my hair in ancient times.
Bright hair
So after dying hair was not glaringly bright, choose copper and brown shades. They are better than other suited to owners of blond hair.
Just take the grey
By itself, the red tone is sometimes unable to cope with the gray shading, so you need to purchase paint with a brown tint.
The volume
Light, subtle highlights will give a shock of red hair extra volume.
Keep the color
Auburn color hair fades quickly enough, so the coloring procedure you need to carry out more than usual. In addition, do not forget about hair masks with keratin, proteins and plant extracts. They will also help save you a vivid hue.