If, after toning shampoo your curls become too red, you can try to remove the unwanted tint. However, this will require some effort. The fact that coloring shampoos do not penetrate inside the hair, and coat only the external surface. And even repainted the hairs strong composition, you will not get rid of the red tint at all. Try to put on hairs vegetable oil - linseed, corn, sunflower. It will break down the dyes and unnecessary color will wash off. Only keep the oil on hairOh you need at least 5-6 hours. Otherwise, no effect will be.
Unfortunately, oil can not cope with all the toning means. The red color is very persistent, and get it hard. There is another way. Buy shampoo for deep cleaning of hair. It is composed of ingredients that have a more active effect than regular shampoo. Only use this tool it is possible not more often than once in two weeks. Then the shampoo will not harm the hair,um, making them dry and brittle.
If you get unwanted red tint was the result of a botched dye, you can try to toned his other resistant paint. Look for tools with the addition of a purple colour. It's all shades of brown, ash, aubergine. Just choose a dark palette, otherwise the red color will not hide.
If nothing helps, contact the professionals. At the hair salon with a special compound will wash away the coloring agent with the hair. Then you need to use restorative masks and balms, because the components contained in these facilities, highly-dried hair. Through 2-2,5 weeks can be dyed hairin new color.
If you're new to coloring hair, or are not sure, better to abandon the home coloring. To get exactly the shade you want, you need to consider the natural color of the locks, the structure and thickness of the hairanago cover. The time of exposure of the coloring tools is also very important, and not always the same as the number of minutes specified on the package. So if you are worried about your appearance, or want to radically change hairstyle - go to the hairdresser. Choose an experienced master, the only way you will be able to get the expected result.