If the result of dyeing hairs turned out lighter than you wanted, you can use toning shampoos and conditioners to give hairam desired shade. Or applied to hairs permanent paint for 5-10 minutes so that the color became darker and more intense - be what you want. The main thing - not to overdo the paint on the hair,Ah, the color was not too dark.
If you decide from brunette to dye my hair blonde, know in advance that you will find a lot of difficulties. Dark hairs hard to discoloration, and the more hairyou with strong natural pigment. Not obestsvechivaya hairs at home in order to put an end to his beautiful hair. Better to do this procedure from a trusted hairdresser who will surely advise you to start the transformation into a blonde with frequent highlighting. If you want to correct the results of unsuccessful bleaching the hair to remove the yellowness and give hairam a natural color - use: water-dispersion paint or tonics shades such as pearl, sand. Yellowing well neutralize the purple tint balms. Ash as shades can give bleached hairam greens.
Fix too-dark color of the hair after coloring will help a special wash. Though they are sold in specialized shops without limitations, it is better to do the procedure wash in the salon, as you may need more than one application of the composition on hair, s to wash away your color. Cons washes that it spoils the hair. Alternatives to chemical remover for hair - homemade masks with oils (burdock, olive, vegetable, castor), which "pull" the pigments of the structure of the hairand gradually returning hairam natural color, and also strength and beauty. This method of correcting color longer. Also don't forget that color even permanent hair color fades with time and is washed off, therefore, may not be so much panic, but it is better to take and to wait until the paint itself washed off from the hair.
If you still absolutely do not like the color dyeing, you can try to make the hairam a beautiful hue using the shampoo dyes, which are less aggressive or with a toning shampoo. These funds are quickly washed away, but do not spoil the hairs like resistant paint. After all, the most important is the condition of the hair. Even if you by long searches colour you will find finally, "your", but your hair, you will look awful - dry, dull, like straw believe me, look at yourself in the mirror will not give you any pleasure.