Mistake # 1

Wash off the paint ahead of time. Even if it is on the eyes of the dark is stronger than necessary, or it takes on an unexpected tone. 30 minutes specified in the instructions, is the formation of color. If you stop the process early, to get a different shade, which (thankfully!) will not last long, and quickly washed away. Overexposed, the composition is also not necessary. The dye is still limited, then it will stop working.

Mistake # 2

To buy a few tools if you intend to paint long hair. One package is designed for the average length – to the shoulders. If the paint is still not enough, don't need to panic and rush. Should wait the allotted time according to instructions and rinse. If the expected effect does not work, you need to go to the store for more and zakrashivaet unreached area. Or have to correct a mistake in the salon.

Mistake # 3

To become a platinum blonde in stages, buying all the lighter shade. Dye can't lighten the artificial pigment. To not have to redo or the first time you need to choose a color three or four shades lighter than natural, or to use a special way of bleaching. And only then carry out the staining. But in the home to do this is dangerous, it is better to entrust the process to professionals.

Mistake # 4

Cover your head with a towel or wear a hat. So there is a chance to get unpredictable results. A chemical reaction occurs with the active participation of oxygen, and a towel or cap will block access of air to the composition.

Mistake # 5

To do color correction in a week. Any paint affects the structure of the hair. Ideally, they need a month to recover. Before repeating chemical experiments is not worth it.

Thus, following the instructions written on the packaging of hair dye, can significantly simplify the lives of themselves and their hair, especially not to hurt them. And avoiding re-committing common mistakes in home painting, you can not only get a luxurious hair color, but also to maintain its durability for long period of time. Assuming that error was committed, do not panic and act recklessly. In extreme cases, you can correct them in a professional salon.