Advice 1: What color to dye the hair after dyeing

The main problem of coloration streaked tresses is getting uneven color, regardless of shade used by the hairdresser. However the hairstyle, which combines several shades, always in fashion, so dyed hair can be easy to repaint. How to do it and what better palette to choose?
What color to dye the hair after dyeing

Rules for coloring highlighted hair

No matter what color you choose in the first place, between the streaking and fresh paint must pass a minimum of two to three weeks. During this time, the hair will recover after aggressive chemical exposure. To help, use special masks and nourishing balms. Because permed hair is difficult to dye in solid colors, stylists recommend to minimize the difference between the streaked and neemalirovannuyu strands, selecting blonde shade.

With dark hair, dyeing is performed in several stages with the use of a decolorizing composition that removes the dark pigment.

A week and a half after bleaching highlighted hair, you can apply the selected color. It should be remembered that, if it is different from your natural color by more than a few shades, the painting will have to perform again. Also, while it is not desirable to use strong blunderous compositions, allowing to paint the hair in one go – they dry out hair and lead to posacenere ends.

Paint color for highlighted hair

It is first necessary to determine when daylight your natural hair color. The shade of paint you need to choose so that it is a few shades lighter of this color because dark colors not paint streaked locks. Bright color will refresh the face and paint over the gray hair along with bleached locks. Also for coloring highlighted hair is not suitable natural dyes such as henna or Basma, as chemical dye can react with the natural part and the hair will get a nice purple or greenish color.

Dyed hair can not be colored with a paint, which includes a hydrogen peroxide – it deprives them Shine and elasticity.

If you do decide to dye bleached hair a dark color, remember the sequence of actions. First apply on the roots and wait twenty minutes, and then spread her remains throughout the length of the hair. After ten minutes, rinse the dye, dry your hair and look in the mirror. Most likely, the highlighted strands will be lighter than the base shade of the hair, so you can re-staining through two to three weeks, achieving a completely uniform color throughout the hair. However, hair can not repaint the second time – the lighter ones will make the dark hair is textured and voluminous.

Advice 2 : What color should we paint blonde streaked hair

Hair weave is very popular recently. This type of application allows you to refresh an image with minimal negative impact on the curls.
What color should we paint blonde streaked hair
If you have blonde streaked hair, you open wide palette of shades and tints and balms. The owner of this hair color is easy to dye your hair in blonde without bleaching, and in black or copper color.

What color to dye blonde highlighted hair

Future hair color, you have to choose yourself, because it all depends on your preferences. A big plus blonde hair, as mentioned above, is able to paint almost any desired shade. You can color blonde streaked hair red, blonde (if it is a tone or half-tone lighter than your natural hair color), blue-black, shades of chocolate and try extreme coloring (use red, green, blue and other colors). Unlike owners of dark blonde or brown hair color, you don't have to pre-lighten the hair, thereby preserving their status and not damaging the hair structure.

How to choose paint

When choosing paint, pay attention to the composition. Usually after frequent coloring and highlighting the hair becomes tired and dry. That is why you should look for hair dyes based on natural ingredients and no ammonia. Thus, you save the state of their hair and can change appearance.

Tips for coloring blonde highlighted hair

Before proceeding directly to hair coloring, you should consider the main rule of work with blond streaked hair – in the end, all locks must be uniform in color, without color changes highlighted strands. That is why the paint should be applied carefully, preferably with brush. With its help, you can gently and fully paint all the hair, even streaked. In the end you'll have a flat hair color, no white strands. Special attention when painting blonde hair, you need to pay streaked strands, otherwise they will be visible on the new hair color.

After dying highlighted blonde hair to another color, use special shampoos, conditioners and balsams for colored hair. They are necessary in order to save hair from dryness and breakage. In addition, you can use various natural mask and decoctions of herbs (eg chamomile).

It should be remembered that use natural dyes (henna and Basma) for highlighted hair impossible in any case. The interaction of chemical dyes with natural unpredictable, hair can make purple or green tint.
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