Advice 1: What color to dye the hair after dyeing

The main problem of coloration streaked tresses is getting uneven color, regardless of shade used by the hairdresser. However the hairstyle, which combines several shades, always in fashion, so dyed hair can be easy to repaint. How to do it and what better palette to choose?
What color to dye the hair after dyeing

Rules for coloring highlighted hair

No matter what color you choose in the first place, between the streaking and fresh paint must pass a minimum of two to three weeks. During this time, the hair will recover after aggressive chemical exposure. To help, use special masks and nourishing balms. Because permed hair is difficult to dye in solid colors, stylists recommend to minimize the difference between the streaked and neemalirovannuyu strands, selecting blonde shade.

With dark hair, dyeing is performed in several stages with the use of a decolorizing composition that removes the dark pigment.

A week and a half after bleaching highlighted hair, you can apply the selected color. It should be remembered that, if it is different from your natural color by more than a few shades, the painting will have to perform again. Also, while it is not desirable to use strong blunderous compositions, allowing to paint the hair in one go – they dry out hair and lead to posacenere ends.

Paint color for highlighted hair

It is first necessary to determine when daylight your natural hair color. The shade of paint you need to choose so that it is a few shades lighter of this color because dark colors not paint streaked locks. Bright color will refresh the face and paint over the gray hair along with bleached locks. Also for coloring highlighted hair is not suitable natural dyes such as henna or Basma, as chemical dye can react with the natural part and the hair will get a nice purple or greenish color.

Dyed hair can not be colored with a paint, which includes a hydrogen peroxide – it deprives them Shine and elasticity.

If you do decide to dye bleached hair a dark color, remember the sequence of actions. First apply on the roots and wait twenty minutes, and then spread her remains throughout the length of the hair. After ten minutes, rinse the dye, dry your hair and look in the mirror. Most likely, the highlighted strands will be lighter than the base shade of the hair, so you can re-staining through two to three weeks, achieving a completely uniform color throughout the hair. However, hair can not repaint the second time – the lighter ones will make the dark hair is textured and voluminous.

Advice 2: How to paint the regrown roots

Every woman, color hair faux paint, should know that after 4-5 weeks you will need to repeat the procedure. And most important – don't "miss" this important moment, otherwise regrown roots can ruin the whole effect of the former painting, and the strands will look sloppy and unsightly.
How to paint the regrown roots
You will need
  • - nourishing mask;
  • Cape;
  • brush;
  • comb with a few teeth and clips.
  • - hair dye.
Throughout the week, before painting, root touch-up mind the hair, apply a nourishing mask, which include components such as egg yolk, olive or vegetable oil, lemon juice and yeast.
The day before painting staining test for allergic reaction: apply a bit of paint on my elbow, if the skin appears redness, can begin to paint.
Paint roots of hair only on the third day after throttling. Read the instructions supplied with the paint to continue to avoid confusion with the hair color, and in accordance with it, prepare the paint.
Throw on your shoulders a Cape or an old towel to protect the garment against accidental contact with the paint. For uniform staining spray the hair with water from a spray bottle.
Comb wet hair comb with a few teeth and divide them into four equal parts, making two additions. Each part screw, and tighten the clamps. On the face bordering the hair, apply a rich cream and wear disposable gloves.
Proceed to the coloring of the hair roots under the front clip, because in this place they are more likely to attract attention. With a brush apply a thin layer of paint first on the Central parting from forehead to nape, and then through every inch of make another parting and color roots on both sides. Each strand is painted set it aside until it has processed the entire front part of the hair.
Then remove one clip at the nape, and from the top guide side parting. Lift the strand up and will color the roots, then put the painted strand forward. Make a new parting and repeat your actions until you paint all the hair in the occipital area.
For oxygen, lift the hair comb top. After 15 minutes for even coloring comb the hair along its entire length. Then after another 15 minutes, wash off the paint with warm water and rinse your hair with shampoo.

Advice 3: What color will from Basma

Basma – natural dye obtained from plants. It is intended for dyeing the hair in dark shades. Color options obtained by staining with Basma, range from light brown to pitch black.
Staining Basma

The use of Basma

Basma has long been used for cosmetic purposes. Staining Basma makes hair Shine and strengthens them. Part of the Basma contains natural tannins and vitamins.

What color will from Basma? It depends on the exposure time of the paint on the hair and the proportions of mixing the henna. Original hair color as well plays a big role. It is not recommended to apply this paint in its purest form – Basma may give a greenish tint. Most often Basma mixed with natural henna. The darker the color you want to obtain, the greater must be the Basma against the henna and the longer you need to keep the mixture on the hair.

Before dyeing your entire head, test the recipe Basma on the individual strands. If the color turned out the way you wanted – you can begin staining.

How to dye your hair with Basma

As a firming mask Basma hold no more than five minutes. To get a hint, hold the dye on the hair for 30-60 minutes for more intense color dyeing time should be increased to 2-3 hours.

Light brown color you get when you mix 1 part Basma and one part henna and leave on for 30-60 minutes. Chestnut color can be achieved by mixing henna and Basma in the ratio of 1:2. To keep paint 1-1. 5 hours. The bronze shade of hair will turn out when mixed 2 parts henna and one part of the Basma. Dyeing time 1.5 hours.

Recipe for chocolate color is more complicated. To mixed in equal parts henna and Basma, you need to add four teaspoons of ground coffee. Instead of water you need to use white wine. Dyeing time 2 to 2.5 hours.

To get jet black hair color, there are two procedures. First, it is hair coloring with henna, and then Basma. Another prescription black to win two of the Basma, one part henna, and add 3-4 teaspoons of beet juice. Dyeing time of 3 hours.


In order to color the staining was fixed better ink slurry should be heated in a water bath. After application to the hair dresses plastic cap, and on top wrap a towel. It is impossible to wash my hair after dyeing for two more days. During this time, the color will take hold and become more intense.

Basma apply on the hair evenly turn out if to add to the mix the glycerin, shampoo or decoction of flax.

If after the hair dye turned out too dark color, you can slightly lighten it with water with vinegar or lemon juice.

Basma can not only paint, but also to treat the hair. Effects that gives Basma: elimination of dandruff, strengthening the hair, giving Shine, increasing speed of hair growth.

So as not to overdry the hair coloring mixture, add a tablespoon of olive oil.
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