You will need
  • notification;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order;
  • - job responsibilities.
Of any change of salary notify all employees 2 months before their implementation. Create a written notice in any form, as a unified Blanca this document no. In the notice, specify the date of reduction in pay for work, how much you reduce wages, for how long and for what reasons.
Imagine a notification to each employee to whom you are going to reduce wages under the bill.
If you have the enterprise trade Union, will receive a decision of the trade Union leaders about changes in pay. For this they should hold a General meeting, with minutes and make a decision of the General meeting (article 135 of the labour code).
Two months later, with all the employees who agreed to work for specified in the notification wages, make an additional agreement to the labour contract (article 72 of the LC RF). In this document to specify all the items that have changed in the underlying contract. If the salary is changed to a period, specify it. If the period is not specified, the amendments shall be furnished in perpetuity, i.e. forever. Sign the agreement as an employment contract, bilaterally.
Complete your order. In the order , specify all changes and their cause. Become familiar with the order of the employee. Change job responsibilities, and submit them for review to the employee. In the responsibilities will reduce the number of functions, because the salary can be reduced only if it reduces the quantity of work performed, labor day or the week. If you do not, then the verification will prescribe a huge administrative fine.
If the employee does not agree to work under the changed conditions and for lower wages, offer him another job at your company or the subsidiaries in the region. If this work you can offer, the employee has the right to leave (article 77, labour code).
If your company is in financial difficulties, you have the right to reduce the salary of all employees and to reduce the working day or week for up to 6 months (article 93 of the LC RF). But make everything exactly as specified. That is will notify all a receipt for 2 months, make an additional agreement, release the order.