According to the Labor code (article 72 Chapter 12), regardless of whether a temporary transfer or transfer to a permanent position, the Manager must ask permission of the employee. Of course, the consent of the employee must apply in writing.
Often used in practice such an option: the employer makes an order to transfer to a new position, the employee, podpisyvat it in the field "order aware", gives consent to the motion.
By the employer in appropriate written form to warn the employee on transfer to a new position two months before the operation. Also note that if the wage on the new position is lower than the previous one, the salary is stored for months.
After that, you need to make changes in the contract. This is done through the drafting of an additional agreement, which spells out all the newly arising conditions, e.g., salary, and possibly any obligations. This document is drawn up in duplicate, one of which remains in the personal file of the employee, the second passed him. Agreement signed by both parties.
You should also make changes in staffing. To do this, the Manager must issue an order indicating the reasons of this necessity. By order of the cadre or the person responsible makes changes to the document.
Don't forget to make changes in the work book of an employee. In the first column write the serial number, then enter the date corresponding to the date of transfer, in the fourth column you must write: "Translated to the position (specify what)". Then in the last field, indicate the number and date of the order to transfer the employee to another position.