You will need
  • - agreement on changes in fixed-term employment contract;
  • - new fixed-term employment contract;
  • - seal of the organization.
The easiest option is to follow the conditions fixed-term employment contract until its expiration. In this case, the employee will work to specified in the document date. During the attack, according to article 58 of the Labour contract of the Russian Federation, the Treaty will lose their force, then it is possible to conclude fixed-term employment contract with the employee if necessary.
Prolong fixed-term employment contract with the employee prior to the expiration, for example, if in the future you will have the opportunity to sign a new contract. Follow the 72nd article of the labour code, under which employer and employee are obliged to conclude an agreement on changes in the employment contract in written form. In the presence of the employee make up the document, putting all provisions of the Treaty to be modified. If you need to extend only the term, in fact the change is only one. The agreement need to be certified with signatures of employer, employee and company seal. You can then make a new fixed-term contract which will come into force.
Consider some of the provisions of the labour code governing the conclusion of fixed-term employment contract. For example, Article 58 stipulates that fixed-term employment relationship can not last more than five years. It is prohibited to conclude with the worker a permanent contract by his disguise under the extension of the term of the contract. It restricts the rights and freedoms of the employee and provides for the imposition on the employer of administrative sanctions.