First, it should be noted that the dismissal in this case is not necessarily enough and transfer.
Ask the employee to write a statement to the head with a request to transfer to a permanent job. He also needs to register in the document the position, period of work. The statement must be made before the expiry of a temporary contract. Otherwise, you will have to apply the procedure for dismissal, and that means time for vacations will be calculated from scratch.
Then issue an order on the transfer of an employee on a permanent basis, the document also specify the period of his temporary work, the deadline, the conclusion of the employment contract number.
Will then conclude an employment contract for an indefinite period. List the job title, salary, conditions of work and details of both parties. At the end of the sign, send a document to the employee for signature, and then fasten the accuracy of the above information, a blue print of a stamp of the organization. Employment agreement, make two copies, one of which pass to the personnel Department, the second give to the employee.
Next you need to make an entry in the employment record of the employee. To do so, select a number, and the date. Next, write that the employee transferred to a permanent job, then select the order number.
You will then need to issue an order on the staffing and vacation schedule. On the basis of this document to make any changes to the above forms.
In that case, if the employee worked for you as an external part-time, he needs to quit the previous job or move to you transfer. For this you can write a certificate stating that you agree to take on a permanent job the employee. The second employer on the ground that it will do the translation.