You will need
  • You will need a sewing machine, pattern, fabric, thread, needles, pins and all kinds of decorations – ribbons, beads, lace.
If you don't have any experience in sewing, it is best to find ready patterns. On the Internet there are many sites devoted to needlework in General, and Russian folk clothes in particular. And sold in shops specialized literature.
Decide what kind of sundress you want to sew. Whether it's the simple garb, where once the peasant went to cut hay, or the suit that is highly popular in XVII-XVIII centuries. Keep in mind that in addition to the sundress you may also have to sew the shirt and apron. If you are looking for the simplest way, it is best to do a "straight" dress, consisting of two straight lengths of fabric and wide straps.
Now you need to choose a fabric (preferably natural, not synthetic, as it and it is easier to work), take measurements with the person who will this dress to wear and the pattern to cut out future parts of the costume. Fabrics can colored and bright silk and cotton, thin and thick to you.
Hem all the edges and connect the parts of a dress. Baste them and then begin to stitch the fragments of the future of the costume by hand or on the sewing machine.
After connecting all the parts necessary to decorate sundress. Embroidery, beads, ribbons, bright scraps of fabric, lace will give the sundress festive and elegant look. Ready sundress can be belted with a sash.