To start, take a sheet of paper for patterns and draw a flat rectangle with a width equal to the semicircle chest +2 cm, and a length equal to the length of back to waist. Mark the corners of the letters ABCD.
Lines AB and CD be the width of the rectangle, and AD and BC – long. Divide the length in half, mark the separation point and connect a straight line LL1. This line is the top line of the bodice.
In order to map out the lateral line, divide in half the line of the bodice and the split point (L2) swipe down in a straight line perpendicular to side CD.
Indicate the letter the point of intersection (e.g., N). Now, from the point of rectangle, extend the line BC is 1 cm down. Connect point H with that obtained from the elongation point. You got the bottom line of the bodice.
Mark the line of sewing on the straps. To do this, divide in half the line LL2, and aside from separating the point one centimeter to the right. From the resulting point set aside three more centimeters to the right. Swipe from these two points line up first straps.
Divide in half the line L2L1 and place to the left 1 cm, and then again to the left 3 see in the same way as in the previous case, swipe vertically from these points two lines of the second straps.
Constructing the upper part of the pattern, go to build skirts sundress. Draw a right angle and mark its vertex as the point A. Put the left and down from this point one third of the semicircle waist + 6 cm.
Connect the two points of the semicircle to the left and at the bottom, and divide this line in half. Swipe in from the point And through the dividing point of the dotted line, which also need to set aside a third of the semicircle waist + 6 cm obtained Using three point draw a line waist.
To build the bottom line of the skirt move from the waist the skirt length to the left, down and along the line that divides the angle in half. Divide in half the waist and from the point of swipe down a line equal to the length of the skirt. Connect the bottom points.
Transferring the pattern onto the fabric, don't forget about the seam.