Large letters write the word, the translation of which you want to place in the dictionary. This word is there any way to highlight. In order to make easy further search in the dictionary, all the words make in the same style.
Write down the transcription of the word. Transcription is a symbolic designation of how to read this word. Typically, the transcription is written in brackets immediately after the word.
Indicate which part of speech is the word: noun, adjective, verb, etc. In each language has its own nuances.
Write the translation of the word. If you want to make the most complete and detailed dictionary, write all the translations. When the dictionary is assumed short, write only the translation that interests you in a given context.
Give examples the word usage. It can be phrases, sentences or whole phrases. It is desirable that each translation attached your example. This will allow you to demonstrate and better understand the semantic differences in the translations.
Go to the next word. The dictionary may be compiled alphabetically, by topic areas or no particular order. How to build a dictionary depends on the goals, to realize that called your dictionary.