On which syllable is stressed in the word "incandescent"

In accordance with the rules of the modern Russian literary language the emphasis in the word "white" is placed on the last syllable, the vowel "A":

  • white bleached hair
  • to wash the stain white,
  • the yolks incandescent,
  • incandescent red-hot iron.

This emphasis causes a lot of reference publications and special orthoepic dictionaries, and spelling, and intelligent. However, some dictionaries (as correctly published in the twentieth century) can be found and a normal "incandescent". Found such variant of pronounciation and some poems of Russian poets and often very confusing.

The fact that the orthoepic norms can change. It happened with the word "incandescent" – once the accent on the first syllable was considered correct, but now the pronunciation of "incandescent" is already considered obsolete. Some pronouncing dictionaries (for example, the directory "Russian word stress" or pronouncing dictionary, edited by I. L. Reznichenko) even specifically focus the reader's attention, leading along with the standard "incandescent" old pronunciation, and supplied him with note "obsolete." and cautioning against making a mistake.

How to memorize the right accent "incandescent"

Get rid of doubts with the pronunciation of the word "white" will allow Russian proverb "Black dog not otmoesh will not wash white. The word "dog" the emphasis here is on the third syllable, and the rhythm of the phrase, "dictate" the accent and the word "incandescent".

добела - правильное ударение

The words, the accent which is similar to the word "incandescent"

In Russian, there are a number of similar dialects (with the prefix "pre-" and suffix "a"), in which the accent will fall on the last syllable:

  • naked
  • red hot
  • late
  • full to the brim,
  • drunk,
  • doswell,
  • late,
  • late,
  • subsidiaries.

At the same time, we cannot say that the accent on the last syllable in these adverbs can be considered as a rule in such words as "clean" or "dry" the accent will fall on the "O" in the first syllable.