The correct pronunciation of the word "partner"

The word "orchestra" came into Russian language from French.Parterre, if you translate this word literally means "on the ground" or "earth" (par terre).

When borrowing foreign words the accent often remains the same as I the language of the source. In French, the accent always falls on the last syllable. And the word "parter" the emphasis remained on the second syllable: "orchestra seats".

This provision is recorded in all the dictionaries of the Russian language. Some of them (for example, "Dictionary of difficulties of pronunciation and accent"), even specifically warned against committing the common error of focusing on the fact that the emphasis on "takedowns" is wrong.

The accent on the second syllable remains in the word "partner" in all possessive forms.

Партер - правильное ударение и склонение

A stressed vowel in the word "partner" in this is pronounced as "e" (the preceding consonant is hard) – [parter].

The emphasis in the word "partner" does not depend on the values

In Russian language the word "partner" is used in several senses:

  • the stalls in the theatre is part of the auditorium, located directly in front of the stage (usually just below it), the chairs which are located on the floor without lifting or very little lifting;
  • parterre landscape design – the open part of the Park or garden located on flat ground, with flower beds and borders, planted with shrubs;
  • takedowns in wrestling is when at least one of the two fighting athletes is lying, or kneeling, or is in "bridge" or "half-bridge".

In addition, in the literature of XIX – beginning of XX century the term "partner" was used in the construction, meaning the bottom floor of the house.

Партер - ударение и значения слова

As you can see, all of these options are directly linked to the value of the same French source text" – in any case, we are talking about the position of something on the ground. And in all meanings of the word "parterre", the accent will always fall on the second syllable.