Go to 1C a monopoly.
On the main menu bar, select operations / chart of accounts. Appeared in rows of the table contains the account and subaccount used in the accounting of the organization.
To add a row, do one of the following: click insert or a new line on the toolbar, or select actions / new. To appear at the bottom of the table for filling in all the details.
In the column "Code" enter the full code, which should include all figures, a group that includes the new sub-account. It will consist of several levels: the upper is the account in the table are shown in yellow, and the bottom, after the point is a subaccount, it has the icon blue. The transition from one column to another can be accomplished by pressing Enter, or mouse.
In the column "Name" enter what is intended to reflect the new code.
In the column "Val.", if the organization is a foreign currency account, put a "+" clicking on the ellipsis button.
Click on the ellipsis button in the column "number", if you intend to conduct the quantitative account.
If the subaccount is off-balance, then in column "loc.", put a " + " by clicking the ellipsis button.
On the ellipsis button, select in the column "Act." — the activity flag. This characteristic has several meanings: A — active, P — passive, "AP" actively-passive. If debit balance, then the subaccount is active. Passive – only with a credit balance. If active-passive, then it can be with debit and with a credit balance. If the column is not filled in, the program takes the value of the active-passive subaccount.
In Columns "Субконто1", ... "Субконто5" —click on the ellipsis button and select from the offered types of subconto that is suitable for your subaccount. The number of columns "Subkonto" is regulated in the Configurator.
Fill in the column "Full name", which will reflect the full meaning of the reference sub-account.
After you complete the last column, press the Enter button. The program asks the question about whether to have an account subaccount. Select "Yes" or "no" and a new line will rise automatically to the need in the table in order.