You will need
  • - Job description
  • - Stationery awl or bookbinding machine
  • - Twine or strong thread
  • - Connecting needle
  • - Stationery glue
  • White paper
  • - Scissors
  • - Line
  • - Handle
  • Printing (if necessary, a wax)
Flash should be in accordance with their job description. In any case, this work in all companies is conducted according to General principles. First you need to number each document in order. Don't forget to remove the papers all paper clips, metal staples and pins.
Start sewing so that leaves you free to read. For this do the clerical awl four holes vertically in the center of the left margin of documents. The distance between the holes should be not less than three inches. It is convenient to use a desktop machine for the firmware and binding of documents A-4 format. Use it to create necessary folders is not difficult – he can immediately drill a stack of paper up to a thickness of 10 cm.
Use for zipping documents special connecting needle, and Bank twine or strong nylon thread. In extreme cases, it will be possible to lay down common threads. Typically, the documents are sewn twice, that leaves more reliably fastened. This is especially important if the business prepares for the eternal archive.
Leave the loose ends of yarn or twine approximately 6 cm They will need to push through the Central hole on the underside of the latter and tightly knot.
Seal stationery glue the knot and ends of yarn in a circle (diameter about 4 cm) or square (4 x 5 cm). The figure must be cut from construction paper white.
Stamp so that it partly went on a paper sticker, and one edge - on the last leaf stitched case. You can also fill this place with wax.
Wait until the glue dries. Then put directly under printing, specify the number of sheets filed in the case and put the signature of the official. Add page label and enter the date of the certification. Also filed copies of documents from a few sheets, it is necessary to seal with signature, date and inscription "true Copy".
Twist the case intended for temporary storage, in a soft cover, and the documents for the long – life archive into a solid. Indicate on stitched business deadline.