First, the rules of stamping depend on the type and facilities. So, on the documents of the state institutions put a stamp seal depicting a double-headed eagle. Commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs assure documents standard round stamp containing the name (surname, name and patronymic), the registration data and, optionally, a company logo.In addition to the main print, which is used for critical and strategic purposes: creation and amendments in the constituent documents, contracts, registration of payment orders, receipts, official letters, powers of attorney, etc., can be made and additional information, financial documents, human resources Department. However, their appointment must be indicated on the print.The main printYu assure signatures of the first persons - Directors and their deputies, and employees of the relevant services (accounting, HR, etc.). Impression need to have so that it is partially seized, the job title of the person signing the document, and the signature and details of the print were clearly visible. State system of document management (GSDO), approved by the order of glavarkhiv SSSR 23.05.1988 year lists documents, which is the basic stamp or seal. More than new edition no, but in the present moment it looks like the following:- certificates;- proxy;- contracts; - conclusion, reviews;- statement (on the letter of credit; waiver of acceptance, claims, etc.); - necessary documents; samples of stamps and signatures; - letters;- payment orders, demands, checks, currency conversion, etc.; - the regulation on the organisation;- registers;- costs;- agreement;- help (archive, limit, on the payment of insurance premiums, salary, etc.); - specifications;- titles;- certificate;- passports;- staffing.To avoid possible misunderstandings in the use of seals, enterprises it is desirable to determine a list of documents and the list of persons and signatures, which require validation printYu. In addition, there are unified forms of documents with the requisite "M. P." - the place of printing. In such cases, usually no questions about where to put the stamp, but you need to follow the General rule: the proof should be clear and readable.