The first option is to include the work in a professional Studio, where you can bind all the copies of his work. Usually, in such workshops offer a choice of two options – soft or hardcover. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend on this. Before you give the pile of sheets on the cover, be sure to check that they were in order – the confusion with the rooms can also lead to the fact that the opinion of the opponents and the supervisors will be worse than you expect to receive. Most often, the stitching process of the diploma takes just a few minutes, but just in case go to the shop in advance (a few days before the date). You may offer to the order only a day or two.
If your city does not have a binding workshop or you don't want to spend money, you can make yourself a diploma. The stores are usually sold stationery multiple folders, file folders and punch. Try to arrange the work as accurately as possible.
If you are looking for easy ways, can sew a diploma, turning it almost into a real book. For this you need a cover – it can serve as a folder or thick cardboard, glue (e.g., PVA) and thin paper. Using tissue paper and glue to fasten the sheets there from the root of your "books". Then make and glue the cover. Detailed instructions for binding books can be found on the Internet.