Gluing books

This method of restoration of the collapsed book is quite time consuming, but it will give you qualitative result. Carefully disassemble the book on separate papers or blocks. It depends on the initial bonds. Check them out.

If necessary connected the fallen leaves. To do this, attach a line to the next sheet for the fallen, departing from the root of 0.5 cm Thin synthetic brush brush this distance prepared glue. Put the page and blot excess glue with a cloth.
Glue to repair books is better to make yourself, mix flour and PVA glue. Flour glue boiled in a water bath. It consists of 2 parts flour and 5 parts water. The finished glue mix with the same amount of PVA.

Fix the dropped list can be done another way: just stick with transparent tape. But this process is irreversible. Over time, the adhesive will yellow, but it will be impossible to remove the tape without damaging the top layer of paper book sheet.

At the beginning and at the end folded in order book notebooks put on a clean white sheet of paper, which size coincides with the size of the book. Align the whole foot and clamp it in a vise so that the spine was performed about 1 cm.

Hacksaw with fine teeth make cuts across the book spine to a depth of 5 mm at intervals of 5 cm Soaked with glue the whole end of the book and the resulting cuts. Cut from the coil with a cotton thread three equal pieces. Their length should exceed the length of the book spine three times. Fold the three strands together and secure one end in a vise. Then tuck the snake in cuts, keeping the tension. The other end of the thread again secure in a vise. Over book end with glue and attach a thin cloth or gauze to size. Leave it alone until dry.

Glue the old cover. Promazhte glue the first and last white page of the book, a strip of cloth and glue it to the cover. Put under the press.

Firmware books

Quickly repair a crumbling book in a soft cover by using thick threads and drills. Insert ruined the book in a vise, pre-podrovnyal stack of sheets. Drill with a thin drill make some holes at a distance of 5 mm from the end. Pass the thread a needle and sew the book on the finished holes.
The seam of the thread and not spoil the appearance of the book, seal it on top with a thin strip of paper to match the cover.

A book on metal rings

The store with accessories for scrapbooking or office supply Department purchase of detachable metal rings for albums. Use a hole punch along the side of the hole in the book by the number of rings. Insert them and tighten. Instead of rings you can insert a book in an ordinary office file folder.