You will need
  • needle;
  • - awl;
  • - a thick white thread;
  • paper;
  • glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - fountain pen.
Start stitching magazine with a pierce two holes with an awl near the seam. The holes should be as close to the seam so the thread is not bothered to open the magazine. Which pages to flash depends on whether the is on the last page of the magazine (not the cover) form for entering information. If it is, pierce all pages except the last page of the cover. If not, roll the entire log, including the last page of the cover. The first page of the cover should be pierced in any way. The distance between the holes should be about two inches.
If on the last page of the journal (not the cover) there is no form for entering information, write information about the journal (which will let you guide your organization), pen on the back cover. If the form is, enter that information in it. Deliver date. The form must also sign the person responsible for its safety.
Pass the thread into the needle, then pull it first through one hole from the last page of the magazine or the cover (depending on where the form resides) on the first page of the cover, and then through the second hole back. On the last page of the journal or the cover, tighten the thread node. Cut it so that after a node remained approximately the same the ends of the yarn length of several centimeters.
Cut from paper a square of side approximately two centimetres. Glue it so that it doesn't block either a form or other information, closing them both filaments. Output should look like the threads going to the knot and loose ends. Now put the square of that seal, which requires to put the leadership of the organization, so that part of it was on the square and part on the page outside of the square. Now the journal is ready to use.