Use transparent files are not very. It is better to filed documents, using a hole punch. Of course, transparent files are useful for storing documents that girocolli not: the documentsthat made on forms Gosznak, the documents with holograms and other securities, protected from forgery. For the rest of the documents to use the files is impractical.
To girocolli precisely, you can use the binder, leveling every next paper on the previous one. In the same folder as the documents are aligned, however, if you need to move a document to another folder, it is likely that he will act outside of the pack.
The best way of filing documents is to use a hole punch with stop. Then each document holes will be located on one and the same place. Documents, bound in this manner will have the most clean look and extra holes in them do not have.
When the binder in addition to the location of the holes should also correctly Orient the paper. For documents that are placed across the sheet is allowed to rotate 90 ° counterclockwise.
For compound documents quite often use brackets staples or paperclips. The truth is, they have a drawback: fastened with staples or staples the stack of documents in the attachment points is convex, which complicates paperwork. To connect the sheets of a multisheet document better a drop of PVA glue. In most cases it takes less time, and the bundle of documents is not thickening.
If the document size is smaller than the standard sheet, it must first be pasted on a standard sheet, after which it can be laced with other documents.