You will need
  • Computer, electronic or paper form of books of income and expenditure, printer, pen, print.
Electronic method.During the year, you store a book in electronic form via the legislated form using the table editor Excel. Sometimes this form can be copied to storage media in the tax office (in each region, the tax Inspectorate works differently). Also it is possible to download the form online from specialized resources.The book can be print sequentially, once a month or quarterly (it's as you see fit). It is important that at the end of the year the whole book was printed, bound and numbered. Print out the book. Ensure that the page was consistently. If you haven't numbered the pages, do this manually after printing. Stitch obtained the book and plomberie it and fasten it with seal and signatures of Director and chief accountant (if any).
Populate the workbook manually.Buy the book in a specialty store that sells forms for organizations. It's called "the Book of accounting of incomes and expenses". Before you start filling, you will need to manually number each page (the book is quite large), to flash and seal as in electronic version. Now the book must be certified to the tax bodies at the place of registration of the organization or entrepreneur. This is done at a time. Worker inspection is just looking in the book and marks the place of the seal.
Now the book can be filled.