You will need
  • clips for paper;
  • - awl;
  • - a thick needle;
  • - threads;
  • glue;
  • - a piece of paper, pen.
Secure document clip for paper. For reliability, do it in several places.
Take an awl and make the crook of the document, three hole, retreating from the edge of the document is 2-3 inches. The holes should be evenly distributed across a bend, that is, the distance between them should be approximately equal. If the document is not very thick, instead of sewing it can be done with a thick needle.
Thread the needle with two strands and tie the end knot. Make done three holes, two large stitch. Repeat the stitches several times for strength. Then cut the thread at the time when the needle will be on the reverse side of the document. Leave the ends of thread with a length of about 5 centimeters.
Tie the thread ends in a sturdy knot. Take a piece of paper about the size of 2 5 inches and stick it on a free-hanging ends of the thread. Remove the clips for the paper.
Write on a piece of paper: "bound, numbered, and the number of pages". Don't forget to put on the fold to seal your organization.