You will need
  • - fabric for the basics
  • - fabric for lining,
  • - cardboard for insert,
  • the protector pockets,
  • - white cardboard for cards.
Cash Desk of letters and figures to be stitching separately – so the child will be more comfortable. You will also need a stacked canvas on which your first grader will spread the words and examples. To start, pick up the cloth to the foundations offices. Its better to take dense, such as denim. If you want to Fund was based on firm – pick up the cardboard for the insert. For a stacked canvas and cardboard is absolutely necessary. A dense film to pockets cash you need to buy at the hardware store.
Cutting fabric and film. For cash letters take the basis 40x30 cm, then it will be up to 40 pockets (5 rows of 8 cells). The cell size is 5x4 cm film cut 5 strips width - 4 cm, length - 40 cm pristrochite tape to the base and sew the pockets.
For the lining, take another piece of cloth 40x30 cm, Place the lining on top of a base, with the side where the pockets are. Sew it to the base on three sides. Remove and stitch the fourth side. If you want cash get a solid inside, you can attach a hard cardboard the same size as the resulting cash.
Similarly sew the cashier and for digits, only the cells need less – the number of digits and arithmetic signs. Stitch it on 16 cells (4 long and 4 in height), or 18 cells (6 long and 3 tall). The number of cells in the same row must be even - so that cash can be folded in half.
For stacked canvases take a strip of fabric 25х15 see her Sew two strips of film of a width of 4 cm Pockets do not. In the same way as for offices, sew the lining. Inside be sure to put a piece of cardboard, otherwise the child will be uncomfortable to show the folded word to the teacher.
The last step is the fabrication of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and arithmetic symbols. Cards with each letter or digit you have to produce 3-4 instance. The name and lowercase letters, and uppercase. The size of cards is approximately 3x4,5 cm below the top of the card slightly peeking from the pocket.