The awl is indispensable not only in the sewing works: it is used in the manufacture of shoes, carpenter, carpentry jobs as office supplies, etc., However the most widely awl used in the sewing works with thick or layered materials.
Externally, the awl is a fairly strong thick needle with a handle for ease of operation. Unlike the ordinary sewing needles, an awl does not have eyelets for threading the yarn.
Sewing awl a variety of ways. Some masters first pierce a hole in the material, and then threaded to a standard sewing needle with thread. That is, it would be better to say that the pain they are used as auxiliary, not a sewing tool.
The second method is more complex, requiring a certain skill: the master makes a hole in the material and then pushes the thread with the tip of the awl. Without skills of such work, it's easy to damage the thread, simply to break up it, precisely because it is a method of sewing with an awl is not widely used, and anyway most people prefer the awl to pierce only hole, threading the thread with other tools, for example, by needle or hook.