Make a range of cases for documents temporary storage (up to 10 years). Check the correctness of the case (if there are any documents with a permanent retention period). Business leave on the folders, they need to be systematized nomenclature of Affairs and to number them is not required. In the files of the case shall be at the range of.
For cases of long-term storage (over 10 years)is:
1. Back cover case ( solid filed in a folder or cover of durable thread four puncture or can be twisted).
2. Numbering of pages (black lead pencil in the upper right corner, not touching the text of the document).
3. Compilation of page of labels (indicate how many sheets hemmed, if there's any damage, sign and put date).
4. Drafting internal documents inventory (for businesses with highly valuable documents, personal, forensic and investigative Affairs, etc.). At the end of the inventory, indicate the number of documents in the case and the number of sheets of inventory.
5. The execution of all details of the cover of the case (name of institution, structural subdivisions, office index of deeds, the title of the case, the retention period of the case.
For documents of permanent or long term storage, make an inventory. It should include individual case number, as well as reveal the title of the case, its content and composition. The inventory also must specify the retention period of the case. Specify the number of cases and the number of the first and last things and sign and date. For business personnel, a separate inventory.
Hand the prepared case to the archive. Worker of archive in your presence check of the item or inventory number of cases, will make the inscription page, write down the number of missing cases put a date of acceptance-transfer of Affairs. The inventory shall be endorsed by signatures of the persons who carried out the handover of cases.