You will need
  • - printed on sheets And 4 pages of the thesis;
  • mechanical Procurator;
  • plastic translucent front cover;
  • - back cover made of cardboard;
  • - plastic spring for binding.
To flash the diploma, first place the unnecessary sheet is A-4 in Procurator set the desired width of the sheet, if Procurator adapted for piercing paper of different sizes. If there is such a function, then set the depth of the perforation.
The side holders have to be tightly pressed against a sheet of paper on both sides to prevent displacement of the pages when binding. Pull the handle Procurator on and down to check the correct position of the sheet and the quality of perforation. Remove a test sheet of paper and put it aside.
Insert a stack of pages in Procurator so that the leaves touched the far wall of the compartment for paper, and was mounted side holders. Page should not protrude from the pile, its edges should be smooth. At the same time do not insert more than 15 pages, as in this case, the hole in the paper may be punched not to the end.
Pull the handle Procurator on and all the way down and release it. Do not attempt to penetrate leaves more time for reassurance from an incomplete perforation - re-made holes may not coincide with those that were punched earlier. Remove the sheets from the paper roll compartment. Thus perforeret all pages of the thesis, the transparent and the opaque cover of the diploma.
Pull the special lever located on the right side of procuratore towards yourself and select the appropriate spring diameter, following the prompts on the body of Procurator.
Place the plastic comb into the comb so that the teeth of the spring was directed upwards. Pull the lever on the right side of Procurator, in itself, the spring is opened up a bit. Take the parts perforated sheets of diploma and wear them holes on the prongs of the spring.
When all pages of the diploma will be threaded on the spring return lever to its original position, the spring is closed.
Gently pull out the tray for waste paper from the perforation and remove the accumulated paper scraps. insert the tray into place.